Guidelines for Local Hospitality and Entertainment

Effective January 1, 2014

Purpose Details of Purpose Examples Allowances


  • Applies to Deans, AVPs and above
  • Any employee who might entertain non-McGill colleagues as part of his or her function
  • To host/entertain non-employees
  • Some University employees would be in attendance
  • Can be held on or off campus
  • Normally the cost of entertaining fellow University employees is not reimbursable, except in unusual/special circumstances
  • Donor relations
  • Fund raising
  • Employee recruitment
  • Events to host visiting speakers
  • Business meetings
  • Breakfast: $25/person
  • Lunch: $40/person
  • Dinner: $65/person


  • Alcohol: Add $15/person for lunch and dinner, particularly for recruitment, visiting speakers, and donor relations
Work Sessions /Meetings
  • Events at which primarily University employees gather within a work setting on campus
  • Workshops
  • Meetings
  • Planning/training sessions
  • No alcoholic drinks will be reimbursed by the University
  • Meals: $25/person
  • Coffee, tea, beverages, light snacks if outside meal time
Employee Function
  • To enable all University employees to celebrate a significant occasion
  • Team Building activities
  • Holiday Party/Team Building events
  • $50/employee/calendar year
Special Event
  • Celebrations for milestones
  • Award recipient
  • Major donor gift
  • Retirement party
  • To be approved by VP/Provost or, in the case of the VP or Provost, by the Principal

Applicable to all University Funds except Research Funds (i.e. Research Grants and Contracts - 2F and 2M fund types)

All prices quoted are maximum allowable expenses, net of taxes and tips (normally 15% on pre-tax amount)



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