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McGill MarketPlace (MMP)

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The McGill MarketPlace (MMP) is an e-procurement system, a virtual shopping mall where users can view, compare and order products from McGill contracted and preferred vendors.

General information about MMP, instructions on how to place orders, troubleshoot rejected requisitions, request new suppliers, request change orders or cancel purchase orders, is available on the Procurement Services website.

Note: Training on using MMP
Procurement Services offers a monthly course on how to place orders in MMP.
To register, please log in to Minerva > Employee menu > Training Menu > Procurement Services > PRO 201 - Get Your Hands on MMP (McGill MarketPlace) and PRO 401- Processing Receipts in MMP.

MMP Roles & Responsibilities


Anyone with a valid McGill ID can access MMP as a "Shopper". To place orders in MMP using a FOAPAL, you must be sponsored as a Requestor.


In order to 'Place Orders' in MMP, using a FOAPAL, a User must either be a Fund Financial Manager (FFM) or have been Sponsored (by an FFM) as a Requestor. Any FIS (Finance) User can prepare a sponsorship record on behalf of an FFM, once created the FFM needs to confirm the record to activate a User as a Requestor. A Fund Financial Manager can create, confirm or revoke Sponsorship records (view the Procurement Administration Menu).


Fund Financial Managers may also choose to delegate approvals of purchase requisition and change orders below $10,000. Any FIS (Finance) User can prepare an approval delegate record on behalf of an FFM, once created the FFM needs to confirm the record to activate a User as an Approval Delegate. A Fund Financial Manager can create, confirm or revoke Approval Delegate records (view the Procurement Administration Menu).

Responsibilities of Shoppers, Requestors, and Approvers


shopping cart

cash register

check mark

What they can do Access MMP to:
- browse catalogues
- add items to a cart
- enter a delivery date to a cart
- enter internal and vendor notes
- add attachments
- assign (i.e. forward) cart to a Requestor

Access MMP to:
- Originate purchase requisitions from their own carts or carts assigned to them
- Assign FOAPAL(s) for overall order, or by commodity
- Assign shipping address
- Submit (‘place order’) for approval and PO issuance

The vendor’s contact name listed on PO (for questions, delivery)
Access Minerva Finance menu to:
- Intercept and review purchase requisitions and change orders
- Assess whether order is legitimate, reasonable and an appropriate use of fund(s)
- ‘Approve’ or ‘Disapprove’ (with comments) an order
Who can be one Anyone with a McGill ID (All employees, students and casuals are automatically established as shoppers)

Fund Financial Managers (FFM) are automatically deemed as Requestors

FFMs may sponsor other employees to be Requestors (Anyone paid by Payroll, via appointment or casual pay - staff or student, as well as graduate students, and external users.)

Once a Requestor, you can place orders on any FOAPAL (any Fund) in any amount.

FFM of the fund charged

Named delegate of FFM of the fund charged

How to become one

Automatic; no action required

Automatic for Fund Financial Managers (FFM); no action required

Sponsored by an FFM

By default, FFM approves all orders > $0

FFM names delegates and their limits by fund

The University has set the delegation threshold equal to $10,000.
Association n/a Associated to the person who sponsored them; not fund specific Associated to a fund or funds
Access points
  • myMcGill portal: click on the link ‘Shop on the McGill MarketPlace’
  • Procurement Services website and click on the MMP icon on the right
Same as Shopper plus
- Can access from within Minerva Finance Menu
- Entry via ‘Shopping Profile’ to set up Ship-To locations and FOAPAL favorites
- Use link within email notification for pending approvals
- myMcGill portal: click on the link ‘Documents to Approve’ in the Finance Admin portlet
- ‘Approve Documents’ in the Minerva Finance menu


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