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Location Codes

FOAPAL: L = Location

  • A location code consists of six numeric characters.
  • It is an element of the FOAPAL used specifically by each Department/Unit to further describe the physical location of a transaction for their own reporting needs.
  • When processing transactions, the default Location code is "000000" – unassigned location.
  • The location code represents campus, buildings and rooms within McGill properties only.


Definition Examples Coding Scheme
L LOCATION Identifies physical location of financial activity and fixed assets. (6 characters, 3 levels of hierarchy) James Admin Building, Dawson Hall  

When to use a Location Code

Using specific location codes is at the discretion of each Department/Unit. If a Department/Unit has no additional reporting needs, then the default location code "000000" may be used for all transactions.

It is recommended to use location codes when transactions associated to a specific location need to be tracked or grouped together.

Location codes are not assigned for use to a specific Department/Unit. Once created, the location code is available to all users processing financial transactions.

Request for New Location Code

  • Fill out and submit the Request a new Location/MMP Shipping Address code form found on the Financial Services website (sign-in is required).
  • FIS Security will assess and process the request. Any queries regarding the adjustment of LOCATION codes should be justified in writing to fissecurity.acct [at]
  • Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email
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