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Fund Codes


  • A fund code consists of six numeric characters.
  • The FUND code describes the source of money and any restriction by the contributor of the money as to how it can be spent.
  • For fund types and explanations, please refer to the PDF icon Overview of Fund Types document.


Definition Examples Coding Scheme
F FUND Indicates the source of money and how it must be used. (6 characters, 2 levels of Type / 4 levels of Code of hierarchy) MRC Grant,General operating fund First digit
1: Unrestricted Funds
2: Restricted Funds
4: Restricted Student Loans
6: Endowment Funds
8: Trust Funds
9: Plant Funds
B: Bank Funds

New Fund Code Requests

  • Requests for new FUND codes are made by completing the Requests for a new fund online form found on the Financial Services website (sign-in is required).

    Note: This form may not be used for Research grants, contracts, international agreements, CFI. For a checklist of steps and procedures to be followed please refer to OSR’s website or contact them at (514) 398-3996. All supporting documents (Notices of Awards and/or agreements) relating to Research Grants & Contracts, CFI or International Research must be forwarded to the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) for approval.

  • External Reporting will assess and process the request.
  • Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Fund Change Requests

Requests for Fund changes, i.e. the Org code or FFM/PI on one or more funds, must be directed to the Fund Administrator of the fund.

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