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Activity Codes

FOAPAL: A = Activity

  • An activity code consists of six alphanumeric characters.
  • It is an element of the FOAPAL used specifically by each Department/Unit to further describe the purpose or nature of a transaction for their own reporting needs.
  • When processing transactions, the default Activity code is "000000" – unassigned activity.


Definition Examples Coding Scheme
A ACTIVITY A user defined element to be used for independent reporting needs not required for external reporting purposes. (6 characters, no hierarchy) Piano vs Violin Activity in the Faculty of Music  

When to use an Activity Code

Using specific activity codes is at the discretion of each Department/Unit. If a Department/Unit has no additional reporting needs, then the default activity code "000000" may be used for all transactions.

It is recommended to use activity codes when transactions associated to a specific activity/purpose need to be tracked or grouped together.

Activity codes are not assigned for use to a specific Department/Unit. Once created, the activity code is available to all users processing financial transactions.

New Activity Code requests

  • Fill out and submit the Request a new activity code form found on the Financial Services website (sign-in is required).

    Note: If requesting more than three (3) activity codes, use the template provided to submit an Excel file with the form.

  • fisrequest.acct [at] (Unrestricted Accounting) will assess and process the request.
  • Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email.
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