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The University's accounting ledger or 'set of books' against which financial transactions are posted, is contained within the Banner Financial Information System (FIS).

A feed is defined as transactions that are uploaded as opposed to originated online by a user.

Any unit or department submitting a feed (whether automatically generated or coming from a periphery business process/system) into the systems listed below is bound by this Policy as the resulting postings in FIS are not subject to the same scrutiny as transactions originating from on-line processing:

  • Feed submitted to Student and/or Finance Accounts Receivable
  • Feed submitted to Accounts Payable Sub-Ledger
  • Feed submitted directly to the FIS General Ledger
  • Feeds generated by credit/debit card merchants that fully integrate with the McGill E-Payment Gateway


To request access to submit a Financial Transaction Feed, please use the form Access to Banfeed.

For support on Financial Transactions FEEDS submitted to the FIS accounting ledger, email feeds-gl.acct [at] (Feeds).

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