New Fund Requests: process improvement


Published: 26Mar2021

This message is sent on behalf of Lara Pereira, Controller, Financial Services

In order to expedite the processing of New Fund Requests, effective Thursday April 1, 2021, all Non-Research (Unrestricted, Non-research restricted and Endowment) New Fund Requests must be sent via email to fundopening.finserv [at] in the following format:

  • One New Fund Request (NFR) = one pdf document
  • The one pdf document must include: the New Fund request form completed (ie: ensure “print name” sections have been completed and guarantor fund has been indicated), supporting documentation (Memorandum of Agreement/Letter of Intent/Award notice/Memos, CESA, email backup) and the acknowledgement/approvals (please refer to the attached communication)
  • Please note the following:

    • Updated NFR forms are now available at The new template must be used going forward to address whether the fund being requested should allow delegates for adjustments to Past Payroll Transactions

    • The purpose of all NFR’s should be described within the “Describe the purpose or any restrictions of the fund” or “Additional information” section of NFR form.

    • The NFR should not be password protected

If this format is not respected, the Controller’s Office will reject these documents.

Questions? For Help?

  • Contact the fund opening team at fundopening.finserv [at]

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