MOPS: Two New Enhancements effective Jan 24th as at 6PM


Published: 22Jan2018

This message is sent on behalf of Julie Ghayad, Director Finance Infrastructure and Transaction Services

Dear Colleagues,
The McGill Online PCard System (MOPS) has been updated to include two new enhancements that will take effect January 24th, 2018 as at 6PM:

Granting Agencies and Institutional Oversight for Research Grants and Contracts

The following is only applicable to Research Grants and Contracts (2F/2M Fund Types)

• Granting Agencies recommend Institutional Oversight on PCard Transactions charged to Research Grants and Contracts.  As such, an Institutional Representative other than the Principal Investigator/Delegate should review PCard Transactions.  The Institutional Representative can either be the Financial Services Team Manager (FSTM) or the Central Fund Administrator.

• PCard Transactions reconciled by the FSTM -> will only require the PI/Delegate approval.

• PCard Transactions not reconciled by the FSTM -> will require PI/Delegate approval and Central Fund Administrator approval.  (Note:  In this situation, the PI/Delegate will have less time to approve PCard Transactions as a Central Fund Administrator must also approve).  Refer to the Knowledge Base article Reconciling and Approving of PCard Transactions  (PCard Schedule) for the new MOPS calendar.  

Uploading PCard Supporting Documents when Reconciling

• As Approvers of PCard Transactions, the FFM/PI/Delegate is responsible for ensuring the purchase is legitimate, appropriate, reasonable and in accordance with the Procurement Card Regulations and Procedures, and Granting Agency guidelines (if applicable).

• To ensure the FFM/PI/Delegate can fully assume their role, Reconcilers should upload PCard Supporting Documents at the time of reconciliation.  This will also facilitate retrieval of documents by Central Offices in the event of internal and external audits.

Please note:
• These new enhancements will only affect PCard Transactions reconciled after 6PM on January 24th, 2018
• MOPS will be unavailable from 3PM to 6PM on January 24th, 2018.

Need HELP?
• Refer to the updated Procurement Card Regulation
• Contact the PCard Administration Group: pacardadministration [at] | 514-398-1518

Thank you