Finance Help Desk and the Travel & AP customer service #s


Dear Colleagues,

As you may have noticed, since October 2013, all calls made to the Travel Desk (514-398-3180) and all calls made to Accounts Payable (AP) (514-398-3895 & 514-398-3880) have been routed to the Finance Help Desk (514-398-3463).

Effective January 8th, the Travel Desk and AP phone lines will no longer be in service. Dial 514-398-3463 to reach the Finance Help Desk. Our Finance Trainers will continue to answer Travel and Accounts Payable questions. When needed, they will forward your issues/questions to the appropriate area.

You may continue to reach the Travel Desk and Accounts Payable directly by email – traveldeskhelp.acct [at]  | accountspayable [at]    

Please forward this email to anyone else who would be affected by this change.

Thank-you for your understanding and support.

[Message sent out on the FIS listserv on behalf of Luana Sorella, Manager Transaction Services and Julie Ghayad, Director Process Improvement and Finance Infrastructure]