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Effective Monday Oct 3rd - Change in threshold for FFM/PI approval on MMP Invoices to $50K


Published: 30Sep2022

This memo is sent on behalf of François Pouliot, Director Procurement Services and Julie Ghayad, Director Systems and Transaction Services

Dear Colleagues

In November 2020 Procurement and Financial Services jointly implemented the receiving function and invoice processing in MMP. Accordingly, the threshold for FFM/PIs to approve MMP Invoices will be increased from $10,000 CDN to $50,000 CDN (including sales taxes/self-assessed taxes).

This change will take effect for all MMP invoices processed on Monday, October 3rd and onwards.

Expense Payment Services Team (EPS-AP), will continue to send approval emails to FFMs/PIs and PO Requestors based on this new threshold.

Please note that if FFM/PI approval is not received within 30 calendar days from the date of the approval email, the invoice hold will be removed and payment to the supplier will be issued.

This is derived from the University’s obligation to pay subsequently to delivery, unless progress payments have been agreed upon as part of the contract / PO.

Sincerely, François and Julie

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