Our Team

Canadian Team for Healthcare Services and System Improvement in Dementia Care

Primary Investigators:

Dr. Howard Bergman 

Dr. Bergman’s work in health services research and policy has centered on aging, chronic disease, and frailty, and promoting primary medical care. In the fields of aging, chronic disease, frailty, and health services, Dr. Bergman was (from 1999-2009) co-Founder and co-Director of Solidage Research Group. From 1999-2002, he was 1 of 2 principal investigators in the development and evaluation of a randomized controlled trial – the SIPA model of integrated care for the frail elderly population. His work on integrated care for very frail older persons is recognized internationally in academic, policy, and government circles. Dr. Bergman led a group of Canadian and international investigators in the Canadian Initiative on Frailty and Ageing and continues to lead the International Database Inquiry on Frailty.

Appointed by the Quebec Minister of Health in 2007, Dr. Bergman tabled (2009) a proposal for the Quebec Alzheimer Plan (known in Quebec as the Bergman Plan) from prevention to end of life care, including the research agenda. He is now working with the Quebec Ministry of Health on implementing this plan.

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Dr. Isabelle Vedel 

Dr. Isabelle Vedel is a public health physician and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University. She is also an investigator at the Lady Davis Institute at Sir Mortimer B. Davis – Jewish General Hospital. She did her post-doctoral fellowship in health service research in chronic disease management (health care services organization, health management, information technology) at McGill University (2012). She has received an investigator award from the Canadian Institute of Health Research and a Dawson Scholar.

Dr. Isabelle Vedel’s research interests are mainly in health care organization and primary health care services for persons with multiple chronic diseases and older patients. Her research work focuses on health services research in chronic disease management, particularly Alzheimer’s or related disorders.

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Erin Strumpf

      McGill University

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Sarah Pakzad

  University of Moncton

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Paula Rochon

  University of Toronto

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Susan Bronskill 

Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

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Carrie McAiney

    Waterloo University 

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Tibor Schuster 

      McGill University           

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Yves Couturier 

  University of Sherbrooke 

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Pam Jarrett 

Dalhousie University 

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Investigators and Collaborators:

Michele Aubin, U Laval, QC

Roxane Borges da Silva, U de Montreal, QC

Edeltraut Kroger, U Laval, QC

Danielle St-Laurent, INSPQ, QC

Valerie Emond, INSPQ, QC

Paul-Emile Bourque, U of Moncton, NB

Andrea Gruneir, ICES, ON

Frank Molnar, U of Ottawa, ON

Geoff Anderson, ICES, ON

Machelle Wilchesky, McGill, QC

Vladimir Khanassov, McGill, QC

Sharon Kaasalainen, McMaster U, ON

Dominique Gagnon, UQAT, QC

Charo Rodriguez, McGill U, QC

Pamela Baxter, McMaster U, ON

Sherry Dupuis, U of Waterloo, ON

Liette Lapointe, McGill U, QC

Jennifer Ingram, Trent U, ON

Dallas Seitz. Queen’s U, ON

Linda Lee, McMaster U, ON

Jeannie Haggerty, McGill U, QC

Andre Tourigny, INSPQ, QC

Janusz Kaczorowski, U de Montreal, QC

Guillaume Ruel, INSPQ, QC

Martin Fortin, U de Sherbrooke, QC

Christian Bocti, U de Sherbrooke, QC

Nicole Dubuc, U de Sherbrooke, QC

Judy Baird, McMaster U, ON

Susan Baptiste, McMaster U, ON

Michel Grignon, McMaster U, ON

Chris Patterson, McMaster U, ON

Gary Naglie, U of Toronto, ON

Jean-Louis Denis, ENAP, QC

Lise Lamothe, U de Montreal, QC

Ann Macaulay, McGill U, QC

Jalila Jbilou, Moncton U, NB

Ainsley Moore, McMaster U, ON

Bryn Robinson, MSSU, NB

Heather Bursey, GNB, NB


Research Administration (McGill University):

Genevieve Arsenault-Lapierre, Research Coordinator

Rachel Simmons, Director of Knowledge Transfer

Lucie Vaillancourt, Research Nurse

Marine Hardouin, Research Assistant

Mélanie LeBerre, Research Assistant

Rebecca Rupp, Administrative Coordinator

Deena Hunsbarger, Research Coordinator, McMaster University

Stacey Hawkins, Research Coordinator, Senior Care Network



Nadia Sourial, Biostatistician and PhD student, McGill University

Claire Godard-Sebillotte, MD, MSc, PhD student, McGill University

Ahmed Bakry, MSc, McGill University

Maude-Émilie Pépin, MSc, Université de Sherbrooke

Nathalie Dame, BSc, Université de Sherbrooke

Frantz Siméon, MSc, Université de Sherbrooke

Noémie Nicol-Clavet, BSc, Université de Sherbrooke

Jessie Caron-Audet, MSc, Université de Sherbrooke

Allison Gemmill, Undergraduate Student, McMaster University

Charmaine Holland, Undergraduate Student, McMaster University

Maxime Guillette, MSc, McGill University

Noémie Nicol-Clavet, BSc, Université de Sherbrooke

Martin Yang, MSc student, McGill University

Matthew Hacker Teper, MSc student, McGill University

Miguel Trottier, Undergraduate Student, McGill University

Anshuman Saksena, Undergraduate Student, McGill University

Ovidiu Tatar, MSc, McGill University

Deniz Cetin-Sahin, MSc, McGill University

Mylène Michaud, MSc, University of Moncton

Véronique Savoie, MSc, University of Moncton

Valérie Thériault, BSc, University of Moncton