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Preliminary Results

Preliminary results in Quebec suggest that, the Alzheimer Plan has had a beneficial impact on the quality of care for patients with dementia. The Family Medicine Groups’ (FMG) capacity to manage patients with dementia improved, as measured by the Quality of Follow-Up score (see preliminary results in PDF icon Table 1 . These results could be explained by the positive clinicians’ attitudes, practices and knowledge and competency to detect, treat and follow patients with dementia.


Finally, preliminary analyses of the qualitative study suggest that the following elements must be present for the successful implementation of best practices: training and mentoring to clinicians; clinical tools; accompaniment by change managers; and identification of champions, case management mostly in the form of a dyad: physician-and-nurse. We have also been able to identify innovative practices that need to be scaled-up during phase 2.

Publications and Reports

Impact of the Quebec Alzheimer Plan on the detection and management of Alzheimer disease and other neurocognitive disorders in primary health care: a retrospective study


Impact of health service interventions on acute hospital use in community-dwelling persons with dementia: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis


Difference-in-differences analysis and the propensity score to estimate the impact of non-randomized primary care interventions


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