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pierre.pluye [at] mcgill.ca (Pierre Pluye, MD, PhD)

Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine

Research Interests: Pierre Pluye MD PhD is Full Professor at the Department of Family Medicine (McGill University); Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS); Director, Method Development, Quebec SPOR SUPPORT Unit (Patient Oriented Research); and Associate Member of the School of Information Studies (McGill University). Pierre has worked as a General Practitioner in France, has a PhD in Public Health & Health Promotion (University of Montréal), and is a full-time researcher, Specialist in Family Medicine (College of Physicians of Quebec). He obtained Investigator Awards from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the 'Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec' (FRQS). He has expertise in mixed methods research and mixed studies reviews (including quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods studies). His current studies are funded by the CIHR, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), and professional and philanthropic organizations. They are aimed to better understand and improve information outcomes associated with electronic knowledge resources (collective intelligence, information delivery and retrieval, information users' feedback, and social media), including outcomes on clinicians, managers, patients and the public (health and wellbeing outcomes). They are highlighted in the following book.

Pluye, Grad & Barlow. Look it up! What Patients, Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists Need to Know about the Internet and Primary Health Care. McGill Queen’s University Press, 2017.

www.amazon.ca/Look-It-Up (Kindle and Hardcover)

• A book on clinicians’, patients’ and parents’ views on information outcomes

• A book for clinicians, patients, families, and the public

• Stories and tips based on results of a 15-year research program in primary care

Book Reviews

  • A fresh, easy-to-read, engaging work that will be of interest to patients and clinicians alike” (Denise Campbell-Scherer, MD, U. Alberta).
  • Look It Up! should be required reading for patients who want to be better informed about how to navigate the health system in any country” (Mark H. Ebell, MD, U. Georgia).
  • About the last chapter and artificial intelligence: '"Right. I couldn't have said it better myself" commonsensemd.blogspot.ca (Kenny Lin, MD, MPH, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, and Associate Deputy Editor, American Family Physician).

  • In a recent article, 'The McGill News' alumni magazine calls our book “an informative and digestible work” that “offers humanized examples of problems that arise every day in doctors’ offices and pharmacies around the world” mcgillnews.mcgill.ca.

  • Pr. Christine Urquhart wrote: “I loved the format and was delighted to read some of the case stories around events when doctors or nurses wanted to check the latest evidence to confirm or possibly amend their proposed treatment plan (…); such checking might not be so glamorous as saving mega-bucks but it's still so important for patient safety and good professional practice to check and update knowledge”. Pr. Urquhart is Emeritus Lecturer at the Department of Information Studies (Aberystwyth University, UK), and authored an inspiring series of articles entitled ‘Reflections on the value and impact of library and information services’.

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Keywords: Information Studies; Organization Studies; Mixed Methods Research, Mixed Studies Reviews

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