Aga Khan Hospital

Your opportunity to intern in Family Medicine in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Are you interested in a 4- to 8-week internship in family medicine at Aga Khan Hospital (AKH) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania?

The Department of Family Medicine, Aga Khan University (AKU), welcomes McGill students and family medicine residents interested in working in a unique family medicine practice that is based in an urban yet relatively lower resource setting.

McGill’s Department of Family Medicine has partnered with AKU’s Department of Family Medicine and AKH in Dar since 2007, placing several interns for short rotations.

During your rotation, you can expect to see patients of all ages with a variety of medical problems including diabetes, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, malaria, failure to thrive, anaemia, diarrheal illnesses and MSK. You will be expected to take case histories - language permitting, as some patients are fluent in English but most speak Swahili - and perform physical examinations on patients, under supervision. You will also be reviewing your cases with a local supervisor. There will be daily didactic teaching and problem-based learning sessions with local family medicine residents and faculty, all in English.

You will also be asked to prepare one teaching session, in advance, to be presented during your rotation.

AKU is one of nine agencies in the Aga Khan Development Network (,  a group of private development agencies working to improve living conditions and opportunities for people in some of the poorest parts of the developing world. The Network’s organizations have mandates that range from health and education to architecture, rural development, the promotion of private-sector enterprise, the strengthening of civil society and the environment.

AKH, also part of AKDN, is a private hospital with a vibrant outpatient family medicine department, several specialty departments and approximately 74 inpatient beds divided into four wards, including obstetrics, surgery, general medicine and paediatrics.

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You will be expected to work Monday through Friday (all day) and Saturday morning. Trainees are responsible for sending all the documents required by AKU and AKH (a list is available) and all their expenses: visa ($50), registration fee ($150), travel ($1500-2000 depending on time of year) and food/board ($50 per day). Lunch is provided free-of-charge at the hospital.

The Department of Family Medicine at McGill will supply you with a list of hostels in the area and will communicate with AKU and AKH on your behalf once you have confirmed your dates.

Family Medicine Special: akh-mcgill_family_med_special.pdf

Registration Form: akh_regsitration_form.doc

Visa Application Form: The High Commission of The United Republic of Tanzania