Medical students

International Students

If you are a medical student from another country and wish to do an elective at McGill University read our Family Medicine Electives for information on eligibility requirements and e-mail [at]

McGill Students

If you are a third or fourth year medical student enrolled at McGill University and you wish to do a family medicine elective in another country, please read about Non-McGill (Away) Electives.

Medical students currently enrolled at McGill University can choose to work on a project in another country on their own time. For suggestions and guidance, please contact international.fammed [at]

The area of student exchange remains very active, and we continue to receive numerous requests from both McGill and international students.

Placement Opportunities for Students

Tanzania Aga Khan Hospital

The Department of Family Medicine, Aga Khan University (AKU), welcomes McGill students and family medicine residents interested in working in a unique family medicine practice that is based in an urban yet relatively lower resource setting.