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Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Dr. Bartlett-Esquilant is the Associate Chair and the Research and Graduate Program Director for the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University. She received her PhD in epidemiology from McGill in 2001 and her MSc in 1996. In 2014, she was awarded the Carrie M. Derick Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Supervision for McGill University and the Faculty of Medicine Honour List for Educational Excellence. Dr. Bartlett specializes in primary care research and knowledge translation. Her research has focused on health informatics, population health, pharmacoepidemiology, research methods and evaluation methodologies for complex data sets in primary care.  From her research interests, she has also developed a research program that deals with ethics, privacy and implementation related to genomic testing in primary care. Her current concentration is on direct-to-patient knowledge translation around health promotion, personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics in family medicine.

Keywords: Pharmacoepidemiology, Health Informatics, Primary Care Genomics, Knowledge Translation, Primary Care Research

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