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Ellen Rosenberg
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ellen.rosenberg [at] mcgill.ca

ellen.rosenberg [at] mcgill.ca (Ellen Rosenberg, BA, MDCM)

Associate Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine at McGill University

Research Interests: Ellen Rosenberg practices family medicine and teaches medical students and residents in the Family Medicine Centre of St. Mary’s Hospital.  She has conducted research addressing the doctor-patient relationship in primary care. In particular, a study of the psychological effects of diagnosing hyperlipemia in children demonstrated high levels of behaviour problems in these children. Other work identified particular communication behaviours associated with higher rates of detection of mental disorders by primary care physicians.  A clinical trial assessed the impact of physician prescription of physical activity, using a pedometer to quantify it, on cardiovascular health of people with hypertension or diabetes.

In work examining care of individuals born outside of Canada, she and her colleagues identified effective physician and patient communication strategies as well as sources of difficulties. Her work has improved understanding of primary care medical services for patients with limited proficiency in English or French from the perspectives of the patients, family interpreters, professional interpreters and family physicians. Telephone interpretation during clinic visits proved feasible and helpful in 2 clinics which had no previous access to interpreters.

In her present work she is analysing the clinical impact of communication involving ad hoc interpreters in an emergency department in Brussels.

Keywords: Physician-Patient Relations, Cross-Cultural Care, Health Services.

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