Your Role as a McGill Longitudinal Family Medicine Preceptor:

  • As a McGill Longitudinal Family Medicine Preceptor, you will be guiding your student on his/her first journey into the complex and stimulating world of clinical medicine. You will model clinical care through interactions with your patients in your usual practice setting.

  • Students will be expected to attend your clinical practice for two afternoon sessions per month from September to June (a total of 16 sessions, for a minimum of two hours per session); individual sessions can be tailored depending on the needs of the learner, the demands of your busy clinic, and the presenting complaints of your scheduled patients.

  • While ambulatory clinics are prioritized, the student may periodically accompany you to alternate sites, including wards, nursing homes and the emergency room.

  • A concise resource book will be provided to guide you in your role.

  • Some flexibility will be possible in the scheduling of your Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience (LFME) sessions to allow for absences and holidays.

  • You will be supported in your role by the LFME course committee.