The McGill Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience

... because medicine starts with the patient.

Part of the new McGill MDCM Undergraduate curriculum, the Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience (LFME) is an innovative new course for first year medical students.

The purposes of this course are:

  • to provide students with early exposure to primary care;

  • to provide an opportunity for clinical correlation with themes introduced in the classroom; and

  • to provide an opportunity for students to practise history-taking and physical examination skills in a clinical setting.

You are a student and you want to learn more? Click here.

You are a family physician and would like to participate in this adventure as a preceptor? Take a look at the role and benefits of being a preceptor, and register here.

Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience Committee Members:

Dr. Yvonne Quan, LFME Course Director

Dr. Despina Harbilas, LFME Assistant Course Director 

Dr. Robert Carlin, CLSC Côte-des-Neiges/Metro

Dr. Douglass Dalton, CLSC Côte-des-Neiges/Metro

Dr. David Luckow, CLSC Lac Saint-Louis

Dr. Dominique Piper, MDCM Clinic 

Linda Ma, Student Representative



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