Family Medicine Core Clerkship (FMED 405)

The Family Medicine clerkship course comprises 8 weeks of the 16-week integrated Family Medicine-Mental Health block during core clerkship and is a component of the MDCM curriculum. During their Family Medicine course, students work as part of a team, whose members may include a staff physician, family medicine residents, nurses, and other allied health care practitioners.  Students assess and follow patients under the supervision of team members. The degree of responsibility for patient care may vary, depending on the level of training and previous experience during clerkship.  The Family Medicine experience occurs in two different contexts:

1. Urban Family Medicine

  • Students will complete four consecutive weeks of urban Family Medicine, as part of a combined eight-week longitudinal ambulatory Family Medicine-Psychiatry experience.   Students will attend a common academic half-day every Tuesday afternoon.
  • During their urban time, medical students will participate in clinical activities in one or more Family Medicine settings including, but not limited to, Family Medicine Units, Family Medicine Groups, CLSCs, and community practices. 

2. Rural Family Medicine

  • Students must complete four consecutive weeks of their Family Medicine clerkship in a rural setting and this occurs at a McGill-affiliated site.

For additional information concerning the Family Medicine Core Clerkship requirements:

Click here for additional information about McGill rural and urban sites.

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