Program Description

Quality Improvement (QI) was identified as one of the strategic priorities of the McGill Department of Family Medicine in 2017, and while there were interesting initiatives in some McGill affiliated teaching sites (U-FMG), there was no consistency in knowledge and teaching of QI methodology.

Our Quality Improvement Program was created in October 2018 after an extensive environmental scan, needs and readiness assessment, carried out over a 12 month period. Our Program supports the vision of U-FMGs as centers of Quality and Innovation in Family Medicine in Quebec.

Our mission statement was defined as:

  • Provide support to U-FMG team members to enable QI skills and sustain the culture in order to improve patients’ health, care efficiency, patients’ experience and providers’ wellbeing
  • Disseminate QI knowledge with training and development of teaching tools
  • Facilitate dissemination of local innovations in practice by promoting sharing and research opportunities
  • Facilitate collective learning and evaluate the QI program itself to identify improvement areas
  • Facilitate Continuous Professional Development based on Quality Improvement self-reflection and faculty needs

With this mission, we thrive to advance the care we are providing to our patients and use quality improvement opportunities to solidify the culture of innovation in our teams. By involving all participants in the care and making the QI an integral activity of our U-FMG, we want to empower our teams to move from a passive role in healthcare change to become leaders of positive change.

Our Team

Dr. Neb Kovacina, MDCM CCFP MHSc, Director
Dr. Isabelle Vedel, MD PhD, Assitant Director

QI committee members

  • U-FMG Vallée-de-l’Or: Dr. Myriam St Pierre, MD, Lise Dénommée, AACQ
  • U-FMG Jardins-Roussillon: Dr. Ariane Courville-Le Bouyonnec, MD, Katherine Déry, AACQ
  • U-FMG Gatineau: Dr. Katherine Lessard, MD, Marie-Claude Roy, AACQ
  • U-FMG Herzl: Dr. Keith Todd, MD, Michael Shulha, AACQ
  • U-FMG Queen-Elizabeth: Dr. Janet Wilson, MD
  • U-FMG Village-Santé: Dr. Robert Carlin, MD, Louis-Bruno Thébèrge, MD, Alexis Lamy-Thébèrge, AACQ
  • U-FMG St-Mary’s: Dr. Miriam Abdelnour, MD, Ann-Mirca Dupiton, AACQ
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