Our Programs

We teach the principles and practice of family medicine to undergraduate medical students, residents, and students from other healthcare professions. We train residents to become family physicians according to the principles of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and we offer those who have particular interests an optional third year of residency through our enhanced skills programs.

We provide research-oriented thesis-based graduate programs in family medicine and primary health care at the MSc, PhD or Postdoctoral level. 

We promote the professional development of teachers of family medicine and the continuing medical education of practicing family physicians. We provide comprehensive and continuous care to patients in the context of their families and communities.

In collaboration with other disciplines, we promote self-directed learning in both community and hospital settings and in both urban and rural environments. We provide service to the community through the activities of our clinical faculty, residents, and students in multiple settings.

The Department of Family Medicine acknowledges and appreciates the relationship between health and the broader social context. We believe that:

  1. The family physician has a central role in the delivery of health care in Canada.
  2. The Department of Family Medicine must respond to the health care needs of its communities.
  3. An understanding of the principles of family medicine, as defined by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, is relevant to all future physicians.
  4. Research in family medicine is essential to the achievement of excellence in patient care and education.
  5. Faculty development and continuing medical education are essential to achieving our goals in teaching, research, and service.
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