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Primary Care at the Heart of Sustainable Health Care

There is a global consensus that primary care is the foundation of modern sustainable health care systems. In order to improve the quality of primary care, many countries are seeking ways to increase the number and quality of primary care physicians. One important way to do this is to increase the number and quality of teachers and leaders in family medicine.

A world leader in primary care delivery, research and education, the Department of Family Medicine at McGill has created and implemented a suite of International Education Programs intended for primary care teachers and using a blended and active learning methodology.

The goal of these programs is to strengthen the foundation and enhance the leadership and teaching capacity of general practice teachers. Driven by a core group of McGill Family Medicine clinicians, teachers and leaders, our approach combines online courses, intensive face-to-face learning and practical activities.

Using active learning principles to ensure that the curriculum is relevant to each student’s particular context, and building community-based learning cohorts to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing, our curriculum is designed to keep students engaged in their learning experience by providing opportunities to apply their learning to their practice, both as teachers and as clinicians.

For more information, please contact fmil.fammed [at] (Rachel Simmons).