Family Medicine Graduate Student Society

President (and PhD representative): nia.kang [at] (Nia Kang)

MSc Representative: alua.kulenova [at] (Alua Kulenova)

VP Internal: isabel.munozbeaulieu [at] (Isabel Munoz Beaulieu)

VP Academic: raphaela.nikolopoulos [at] (Raphaela Nikolopoulos)

VP Finance and Operations: angeli.moonsee [at] (Angeli Moonsee)

VP External/Social: mohamad.chehab [at] (Mohamad Chebab)

VP Communications: maysaloun.mokaddam [at] (Maysaloun Mokaddam)

VP Community Service: yasmine.elmi [at] (Yasmine Elmi)


For general information, fmgss.pgss [at] (send us an e-mail).

Stay updated by following the FMGSS' social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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