This section will be very useful for current students to be able to find various administrative forms, documents and other important information. 


Letter of Understanding:

This form is the starting point for a discussion between the Supervisor and the Student regarding expectations for the duration of the supervisory period, productivity, publications, etc. This is to be completed together, signed by both parties, and returned to the Graduate Programs Coordinator by September 20th of the first semester of the MSc degree. 


Thesis Committee Meetings:

This form that defines the composition of the thesis committee should be submitted by February 1st by all Master's students in their first year.

The first thesis committee meeting needs to be held during the Winter or Summer semesters of each MSc student's first year and all forms are due within a week of the meeting or by August 31st

 The Progress Tracking Report needs to be completed and submitted, along with the Minutes, of the meeting (mandatory):

The above Graduate Student Progress form must be completed every subsequent year at least once every academic year and it must be submitted with the Minutes from the thesis committee meeting (mandatory).  More important information regarding thesis committee meetings can be found here.

As for PhD students, each student is required to set their PhD Objectives with their supervisors by May 1st of each year. Then they are required to submit their Composition of Thesis Committee form (see above) by October 1st of their second year. 

In order to prepare for their Comprehensive Exam, all PhD students are required to meet with their thesis committees when your research proposal is ready for submission for the protocol defense of your comprehensive exam. This Comp Prep meeting essentially provides documentation that the research proposal has been approved by the committee, a tentative date of the protocol defense is chosen, and the two comp exam examiners (both internal and external) are also specified. More info on the specifics of the Comp Exam can be found on the MyCourse! 

After a PhD successfully passes one's comprehensive exam, each PhD student must have one's first thesis committee meeting on the approved project within the first four months after the exam and then once a year subsequently until graduation.  


Thesis Submission:

When the thesis is ready to be submitted,  the supervisor(s) of each student should contact the chosen thesis examiner(s) in order to obtain his or her acceptance before submission. However, it is very crucial that there is an ‘arm’s length’ relationship between the supervisor(s) and examiner.  GPS is very strict that the thesis examiner must not have any research collaborations with the graduate student's supervisor(s) among other criteria.  The idea here is that the examiner will provide a less bias review of the thesis if it is done at ‘arm’s length’.  The conflict of interest checklist can be found on the nomination of examiner's form here to ensure arm's length is present: 

For Master's students

For PhD students

Our department requires all theses to be a minimum of 50 pages in length and a maximum of 150 pages.  We encourage our graduate students to submit a thesis in a manuscript-based format. A master's thesis in this format requires at least one manuscript and a doctoral thesis in this format requires at least three manuscripts. Each manuscript-based thesis must have an overarching introduction and literature review, followed by the manuscript(s), followed by an overarching discussion.  

Please note: each student requires to send the GPD and the GPC one's thesis and three forms for review and signature before the various deadlines. Please allow for 3-5 days for the GPD to review everything and sign the Nomination of Examiner(s) form. 

More info on initial e-thesis submission can be found here.

More info on final e-thesis submission can be found here. 

Student Advisor form (on a need basis)

For more info on doctoral oral defences please refer to this website, click here



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