Current Students



A note from the Graduate Programs Director: 

On behalf of the faculty and staff in the Department of Family Medicine, I would like to welcome new and returning students to our Graduate Programs.  As part of our Graduate Programs divsion, we believe our students have the potential to further the discipline of Family Medicine through their committed efforts and thesis research projects. We are dedicated to providing the best possible training programs while remaining very responsive to student feedback.  We have worked very hard developing this section of our website to cater to the needs of our current students and we believe it will serve as a great resource to all of you.  I look forward to sharing this great experience with you.

Gillian Bartlett-Esquilant, PhD
Graduate Programs Director



Some topics we would like to highlight:


Graduate Programs/PRAM Research Seminar Series

It is expected that all students attend the research seminars during the year.   There will be approximately 10 seminars a year to attend and they will all occur in the Department of Family Medicine at 5858 Cote des Neiges.  All MSc1 students should enroll in the FMED 504 Family Medicine Research Seminars course that runs during the fall and winter terms (FMED 504D1 and FMED 504D2, respectively).  Students will be required to attend all seminars and write reflection essays.  More specific information regarding these seminars to follow by email and you may contact the Graduate Programs Coordinator, if you should have questions.

Participatory Research at McGill (PRAM)

The Royal Society of Canada has defined participatory research as systematic investigation, with the collaboration of those affected by the issue being studied, for purposes of education and taking action or effecting social change. The equally important goals of participatory research are to answer important health questions and benefit the partners in the research process, while developing valid knowledge that is applicable to other settings. Furthermore, participatory research integrates knowledge translation (KT) by involving those who need to act on the results as full partners throughout the process. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research have identified KT as a major priority, and propose integrated KT as a favourable means of achieving it.

Our graduate programs division is very proud to have a very close working relationship with PRAM.  In fact, we collaborate together in providing a number of interesting research seminars throughout the academic year.  There is also a required Introduction to Participatory Research in Health course (FMED 603) in the  MSc program and an elective course called Advanced Participatory Research in Health course (FMED 604).