Update on the Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF)


Published: 20Jul2020

This memo is an update on the process of implementing the CRCEF at McGill and its affiliated health research institutes. We write at this time as researchers may be contacting you or your offices directly about the CRCEF. Recall that the CRCEF is the one federal research grant relief program that universities across the country administer directly. It is targeted specifically (at Stages 1 and 2) to wage/salary/stipend relief for research-related personnel (e.g., postdocs, graduate students, technicians, and project managers) paid from research grants that are supported by non-governmental sources (e.g., foundations, industry contracts). All other federal programs that offer relief for CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC grants will be administered directly by the funding agencies (i.e., PIs will be contacted by the funding agencies and funds are supposed to flow by September 30th).

Here is an outline of the CRCEF process and timeline for your information:

  • June 25th: McGill notified of CRCEF allocation
  • June 29th; McGill attestation submitted; affiliates notified of their individual allocations from

AVP Finance

  • July 3rd: First memo to ADRs re: CRCEF
  • July 5th: affiliates provided attestations to McGill to be included in a joint application
  • July 6th: submission of application for Stage 1 allocation ($13.1M) of the CRCEF on behalf of both McGill and its affiliated health research institutes.
  • July 8th: the offices of the VPRI and AVP Finance consulted with Faculty Finance Officers (FFOs) on preferred ways to implement the CRCEF at McGill
  • July 14th: all FFOs received centrally produced data of potentially eligible research funds (non-governmental sources) and PIs began to be notified by their FFOs with a common CRCEF template.
  • July 15th: Town Hall on grant relief programs including the CRCEF
  • July 16th: Town Hall on CRCEF for FFOs and affiliates’ administrative staff
  • July 17th: Email to go directly to PIs from faculties notifying them that if they haven’t been contacted yet but feel that they may have research-related personnel paid from research grants that have non-governmental sources, to get in touch with their FFO to determine eligibility for CRCEF
  •  July 20th: Stage 1 allocation expected to arrive at McGill; distribution to affiliates
  •  July 22-24th: FFOs and affiliates to report in to VPRI/AVP Finance
  • On or about July 27th: CRCEF Steering Committee (VPRI, Finance, HR, various faculty representatives at the ADR level, affiliate representative) meets to approve the requests and prepare for a Stage 2 application (residual need, if any)
  • On or about August 1st: Funds can begin to be sent to eligible PI research accounts for wage/salary/stipend relief
  •  September 1, 2020 – November 15, 2020 – application period for Stage 3 – research maintenance/ramp up costs (details to be provided at a later date)

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