Thanking Mr. Jamie DeMore for his dedication to Graduate Programs


Published: 27Feb2020

Thanking Mr. Jamie DeMore for his dedication to Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs Manager pursues his PhD studies

On February 18, Jamie DeMore stepped down from his position as Graduate Programs Manager, a position he has held for the past ten years. Though he left his position, Jamie is not straying too far from us, as he will be focusing on pursing his PhD in the Department of Family Medicine.

“Jamie’s incredible work ethic, strong analytic insights and fantastic interpersonal skills have made an indelible contribution to the Department of Family Medicine and the Graduate Programs,” notes Dr. Gillian Bartlett-Esquilant, former Director of Graduate Programs who has worked closely with Jamie over the past decade. “He has been a great partner for the last 10 years and he will leave a significant gap with his departure, but I know he is moving on to even better opportunities. I look forward with excitement to seeing his future achievements.”

During his mandate, Jamie worked on a number of important projects, including having a clinical scholar program, a PhD program and a master’s program accredited. When asked about his work, Dr. Isabelle Vedel, Graduate Program Director for the MSc program, commented that, “Jamie is an incredible professional; he is extremely efficient and he has enabled the development of the Masters and PhD program. He is loved by all and everyone will remember him!” Jamie distinguished himself not only with his achievements, but also with his personality. He leaves a significant positive impression on the Department of Family Medicine.

In 2014, Jamie was selected as the recipient of the Award of Excellence in Service to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The award acknowledges outstanding contributions by members of the administrative and support staff at McGill University for Service to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. When a decrease in the number of registered graduate students was seen, Jamie helped create a Strategic Recruitment Working Group to understand the gap in our graduate programs. Jamie was also adept at listening to our students’ feedback to assess their needs and ensure our graduate programs are the best they can be.

Until his very last week at the Department, Jamie was working to improve the vision and the future of Graduate Programs. The Department is in a better place as a result of the dedication and passion that Jamie exhibited on the initiatives and programs he has helped develop and enhance during his tenure.

Please join us in thanking Jamie DeMore for his ten years of dedicated service to McGill’s Department of Family Medicine and in wishing him the utmost success as he embarks on his new academic pursuits!

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