Special Feature: Get to know the McGill Practice-based Research Network (PBRN)


Published: 5Nov2019

The McGill PBRN is pleased to have had the opportunity to visit the Vallée-de-l'Or U-FMG during the month of October. Many thanks to Dr. Julie Massé, Dr. Myriam St-Pierre and Lise Dénommée for their great hospitality. The purpose of the visit is part of the visits made by our PBRN to the U-FMGs to get to know them better, but also to make our network known and present the services it could provide to encourage research in the field. We were able to see and confirm the reputation of this environment, namely its originality, enthusiasm and great energy. We took the opportunity of the visit to discuss the first results of the survey conducted by our PBRN on the state of preparation of the site's research. This visit marks the beginning of a second round of clinics affiliated with our PBRN in the months to come.

For inquiries, please contact pbrn.fammed [at] mcgill.ca (Nadjib Mokraoui), PBRN Coordinator.