Welcome party at Ateliers & Saveurs

The CLSC Métro team organized a welcome party on July 1st for the new residents who are starting their training. The evening included cooking and cocktail classes at Ateliers & Saveurs, a culinary school in downtown Montreal. The event was well attended and participants had a great time!

Photos by Douglass Dalton.


Image above:

Front row: Jules Eustache (R2 grad), Josh Huang (R2), Youssef Stanom (R1) and Aziz Rehman (R1)

Middle Row: Dr. Mireille Turbis (staff), Anne-Sophie Lacasse (R2 grad), Patricia Ledoux (admin), and Michaël Raymond (R2)

Back Row: Calia Girogas (R1), François Lamarre (R2 grad), Roberto Lin (staff), Ali Lopez Sarmiento (R2 Grad), Rob Carlin (staff), Ryan Hunt (staff), Oneyma Onyekwelu (staff), and Dr. Douglass Dalton (staff).

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