Houman Farzin publishes an article on a patient’s mystical experience with psilocybin

Houman Farzin, a family physician within the Department of Family Medicine, has published a French article on a patient’s mystical experience with psilocybin, a translation of a previous article published in The International Journal of Whole Person Care.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in fungal species within the genus Psilocybe, which are popularly known as magic mushrooms. They grow all around the world and their ceremonial use by the indigenous has been documented for hundreds, if not thousands of years. There has been increasing interest in the use of these substances in Western medicine. Some of the earliest research studies on psychedelic therapies were focused on existential distress in cancer patients.

To read the French article “Soigner au seuil de la mort : l’expérience mystique d’un patient avec la thérapie assistée par la psilocybine”, please visit:


To read the English article “Healing at death’s door: one patient’s mystical experience with psilocybin”, please visit:


About Houman Farzin

Houman Farzin, MD, is a family physician focusing on the applied sciences of psychedelic-assisted therapies, nutrition, and lifestyle modification for trauma, existential distress, and overall well-being. He is an attending physician in the Division of Palliative Care of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. He is a lecturer at McGill University Medical School, where he earned his medical degree and completed his residency training in Family Medicine. His involvement with McGill Programs in Whole Person Care includes teaching resilience and Mindful Medical Practice to medical students.

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