A Home Care Summit held at the Department of Family Medicine

Image by McGill. From left to right: Laura Elbaz, Fanny Hersson-Edery and Christine Florakas.

On November 3, around 30 participants and eight presenters attended the second edition of a Home Care Summit, a collaboration between the McGill Family Medicine Postgraduate Program and the Division of Family Medicine of the CIUSSS Centre Ouest. With the theme of the role of technology in home clinical care and teaching, the event brought together physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and CIUSSCO administrators from across Montreal.

The presenters included the following people:

  • Dr. Fanny Hersson-Edery (Department of Family Medicine)
  • Dr. Christine Florakas (CIUSSS Centre Ouest)
  • Dr. Louis-Bruno Théberge (CIUSSS Centre Ouest)
  • Dr. Michael Shulha (CIUSSS Centre Ouest)
  • Erin Cooke (CIUSSS Centre Ouest)
  • Dr. Laurence Rudski (CIUSSS Centre Ouest)
  • Michael Shulha (Connected Heath Record )


Congratulations on a successful event!

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