Alayne Adams receives the Vic Neufeld Mentorship Award from the Canadian Association of Global Health

Alayne Adams, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department of Family Medicine, has received the Vic Neufeld Mentoship Award from the Canadian Association of Global Health which celebrates individuals who have provided outstanding mentorship to global health students and early-career professionals. The award recognizes the critical role mentors play in shaping and fostering the next generation of global health leaders, who are instrumental in driving positive change and advancement in the field.

“Although a good mentor is one that is willing to share knowledge, skills, and expertise, an excellent mentor is one that takes this a step further by opening the gate for their trainees; enabling them to grow through tackling challenges, while providing constructive feedback when and where appropriate.”

An excerpt from one of Prof. Adams’ letters of support.

Professor Adams received the award on February 15 during the Canadian Association for Global Health’s Future Visioning Dialogue meeting.

Congratulations Professor Adams!

About Alayne Adams

Alayne Adams is an applied social scientist whose research spans a range of demand and supply-side challenges that impede equitable access to primary healthcare in both local and global settings. Of particular interest are innovations in service delivery that engage community and the informal sector, and holistic primary care approaches that connect health and social services. Current research activities include urban health and food systems, social prescription, and youth mental health and nutrition. She is a dedicated and creative educator with decades-long experience in the design and delivery of innovative degree programs in population and global health.

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