Activate/create your McGill Address and transfer Email

The University uses the standard McGill email account firstname.lastname [at] mcgill.ca as the only means of communication with its staff. This include communication about evaluations. This Email/ID is also a mean to access McGill E-library when outside of McGill's premises.

More information here

Activate your McGill Address
Contact the IT Customer Service (ICS) at the number 514-398-3398, indicate that you want to activate your McGill Email address and need a password, Indicate your McGill ID (9 digits)

Set up/Change Delivery Destination of your McGill Email Address : If you prefer to use another e-mail address, then you should  arrange to have your McGill e-mail redirected to this other address.  Information on how to change the delivery destination of a McGill e-mail address may be found here

McGill ID Card

Staff identification cards are required to access a number of services such as libraries, equipment and video loans through the Institutional Communications Centre, athletic facilities, and to enter buildings during off hours

How to get your ID card : https://www.mcgill.ca/hr/employee-services/about-your-records/id-cards

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