News Corner

We have selected below some articles we hope can be of interest. These articles are a place to start the conversation around these issues, not the end point. Enjoy the read.

- An article in Le Monde (in French) on the parent-student situation in France (Feb 16 2018): Etudiants et parents, deux vies en une

- An article in Student Affairs, featuring Julia Pingeton and Family Care Program at McGill (Jan 10 2018): Students with kids press universities for more support

- The Globe and Mail article: My smartphone helped me know my mother

- A blog post about explaining President-elect Trump to younger children: #IAmNotAfraid Curriculum

- Investing in preschool better than Wall Street? 

- CBC article: How to talk to your kids about body image during the Olympics

- Huffington Post: Canada Needs a Universal Child Care Program 

-Blog post on diversity in children's books: Children's books featuring kids of color being themselves. Because that is enough. 

- NPR article on single parenting: Doing one of the toughest jobs on your own. 

- Positive and insightful op/ed in the magazine Science on Family-friendly science

- Lots of information in the Science article on Pregnancy and the Lab


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