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Faculty Club Newsletter, March 2020 Edition

A Little Bit of History


After the Irish soldiers’ conquest of the Montreal Garrison, St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated in this city since 1759. The year 1817 marked the beginning of Montreal’s Irish community. That same year, the observance of St. Patrick's Day was celebrated with special dinners and religious services. St. Patrick's parade festivities first began on March 17th, 1824. Michael O'Sullivan, lawyer and Member of Parliament of Lower Canada, was the main organizer of this celebration. He was appointed Chief Justice of Lower Canada in 1836, but died soon after in 1839. The St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal was founded by prominent Montrealers of Irish heritage on March 17th, 1834, who organised the parade until 1892. Parades of that era were held in Old Montreal to display a manifestation of Irish success in the community. Church services would take place prior to the parade and a banquet was held afterwards with numerous celebratory toasts.




Please note that that McGill parking services has introduced a new way to reserve parking spaces. This service targets members coming for a short meeting or lunch. Please note that the rate is $3.50 per 30 minutes, payable by credit card only. For reservation, please call parking services directly at extension: 4559



A friendly reminder that the Faculty Club serves the best breakfast on this side of McTavish, every day of the week starting at 7:30 am; it is always better to reserve. Also, take advantage of our Happy Hour every day of the week from 4:00-7:00 pm.




The McGill Faculty club has added a new partner that our members can take advantage of when traveling. We have made a reciprocal agreement with the . Remember to ask Natasha to prepare a letter of introduction, if you plan to visit. Here is their website:





Italian for Little Learners - 3E Centre for Italian Culture (for McGill)

This 12 week, 16-hour program teaches young learners aged 3-10 the basics of the Italian language through a balance of traditional learning exercises, games, music, and movement, and technology-based activities. Each lesson is 75 minutes long and all materials are provided. The cost of the course is $250 + taxes.

Classes offered:

Monday, Wednesday 3:15 - 4:30

Monday, Wednesday 4:35 - 5:50

Tuesday 4:35 - 5:50

Thursday 4:35 - 5:50

For more information about 3E Centre for Italian Culture, please visit




BridgeBridge: Tuesdays, March 3rd - 17th and 31st -- Maude Abbott Room. 1:15-4:15 pm

Bridge games just keep on going and continue to bring in participants. Whether or not you’re an expert in the game, drop into the McGill Faculty Club and join in on a few matches. The McGill Committee for Retired Professors will gladly welcome you – maybe they’ll even reveal some winning tips or a few pointers in this game of strategy. The event is hosted twice a month and can be easily accompanied by snacks and drinks, readily available on site. For more information, contact: dorothy.thomas_edding [at] (Dorothy Thomas Edding) and/or 514-932-8478.



Centraide Trivia Night Round 4, Thursday, March 19th, Faculty Club Ballroom, Registration at 5:30 pm, Quiz at 6:00 pm

Our host, quizmaster extraordinaire, Dr. David Harpp, will be back to bring you the 4th round of the Trivia Centraide Night competitions. Cram as much knowledge as you can into your brain, because we’re approaching that coveted podium finish! It is still anyone’s game! To check your standings and updates visit: HERE




Upcoming Events


  • Centraide Trivia Quiz: Round 5 – Tuesday, April 7th, 2020
  • Centraide Trivia Quiz: Round 6 – Thursday, May 7th, 2020
  • Mother’s Day Brunch on Sunday, May 10th, 2020



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