Faculty Advancement Board

The Faculty Advancement Board (FAB) of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences serves as a consultation body, advising the Dean on strategy development, promoting the Faculty and our students in the broader (e.g., health/business/legal) community, raising funds and fostering alumni engagement.

The Board is composed of a diverse set of alumni and friends of the Faculty, drawn from different regions, age groups, and domains of activity. Invitation to serve on the Advancement Board recognizes an individual’s commitment to support the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and its objectives by providing an external perspective to the Dean of Medicine and the Faculty’s Advancement office. Please note that applications to join the Board are subject to approval by a nomination sub-committee.

Honorary Co-Chairs

    Picchio International Inc

    Managing Director
    Domodimonti s.r.l.

  • Chair of Faculty Advancement Board & Chair of Governance and Nominating

    Vice-Chair, Board of Directors
    MUHC Foundation

  • Chair of Fundraising subcommittee

    Chair, McGill Goodman Cancer Research Centre Advisory Board
    Partner, Richter LLP
  • Chair of Engagement and Outreach Subcommittee

    DAVE WILLIAMS, BSc’76, MSc’83, MDCM’83, DSc’07
    President & CEO,
    Exploration Incorporated
    Made by McGill

    ““McGill pushed me to my limits where I sometimes succeeded and sometimes didn't. Failure was always more instructive than success and through persistence, resilience and belief in myself, McGill made me into a scientist, doctor and astronaut.” – Dave Williams, BSc’76, MDCM’83, MSc’83, DSc’07


    Chairman, BloombergSen Inc

    Made by McGill

    “When I left McGill, I felt that I had the tools for success. And because I felt that I had those tools, I left with a tremendous amount of confidence. So, I thought whatever it is, I am well-trained, I’m going to get the job done. That’s a very important element for a young person graduating from school.” – Lawrence Bloomberg, MBA’65

    Chair, McGill Global Health Programs International Advisory Board
    President, PD Frazer Associates

    Made by McGill

    “Work at Expo '67 immersed me in a global world and in politically fascinating Montreal where many sensed Canada's future might well be determined. McGill was my locus for everything someone from a small Ontario city could absorb in this rich socio-political environment. McGill and Montreal fully delivered. The experience led me to graduate study in foreign policy and briefly to McGill Law before pursuing an exciting Foreign Service career and a subsequent career in Washington, DC. Later, I combined my international interest and McGill student needs by endowing student global health-related research/travel.” – Paul Frazer, BA’70

    Chair, Invest in Canada

    Clinical Professor of Medicine,
    Division of Nephrology,
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    Made by McGill

    “I am a physician Made by McGill. I applied to McGill medical school after many years of working as an engineer at Hydro Quebec. I was surprised when I was accepted! McGill taught me the importance of combining knowledge and compassion; not just talk to patients but also to listen to them. Later I specialized in Nephrology, because I was told by a McGill nephrologist that the smartest people in Internal Medicine went into Nephrology! So I am also a Made by McGill Nephrologist.” – Raymond Hakim, MDCM’76

    Board Director, Mike and Valeria Rosenbloom Foundation

    Made by McGill

    “McGill showed me, not just in my education, but as an institution as a whole, the importance of excellence in all endeavours. From the very first class I took until and beyond reaching my degree, I knew that every lecture, every instructor, every professor represented the best in the field. That is a reputation that has never faltered, especially in Medicine, and that is why I am proud to serve as one of our ambassadors.” – Valeria Rosenbloom, BSc(PT)’74

    Chair, McGill Medicine Parents Committee
    President, RCB Capital Corp

    Made by McGill

    “My Made by McGill story is intergenerational. I chose McGill because of my father’s stories about his time as a student. My own McGill story seems a bit less colourful, but I highly value the education I received. Only over time have I learned, by daily walks through campus and conversations with my sons’ medical school cohort what an exceptional institution McGill is, and understand that indeed it is part of my own fabric.” – Rachel Schwartz, BA’90

    Co-President, Prével

    Made by McGill

    “Despite never having attended McGill myself (RPI ’77, Stanford ’78), I feel a very strong allegiance with the university. Numerous family members have benefitted from a McGill education including my grandfather, my parents, my wife, and three of our four sons. I believe that McGill’s position as Montreal’s premier university will strongly contribute to the growth and prosperity of generations to come and I am excited to participate in helping to make this a reality.” – Jonathan Sigler

    Emeritus Governor, McGill Board of Governors

    Director, Safdie & Co
    Director, CUISS du Centre Quest de L’Ile de Montreal

    Made by McGill

    “I am a Fellowship Chartered Public Accountant Made by McGill. After years of public practice I knew that I wanted to give back to McGill Management school, so I devoted many evenings for ten years to lecturing in the public accountancy program. McGill taught me not just technical skills, but leadership and the importance of working with people. McGill taught me independence and how to lead by example. McGill taught me entrepreneurial skills which I continue to use in today. For all these reasons I am proud to be an Ambassador of McGill University.” – Gary Wechsler, BCom’80, DPA’81

Are you interested in learning more or in putting your name forward for consideration as a member of the Faculty Advancement Board? Please email ManLi Que, Associate Director, Advancement Programs, at manli.que [at] mcgill.ca

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