Shoulder season

Sept. 29, 2021 - Fall shoulder season

We are entering a 3- to 4-week period referred to as the "fall shoulder season", which runs from early October to November. It is during this period that we switch from cooling our buildings to heating them. This transition does not affect the ventilation levels in the spaces, only the temperature.

Although the University is transitioning toward more flexible and adaptable systems, it remains difficult to maintain stable temperatures in some of our buildings at this time of the year, given the outdoor temperature fluctuations.

The following factors further complicate the matter:

  • Some of our mechanical systems were not designed to respond to excessive temperature changes;
  • Even though mechanical ventilation is maintained throughout this period, some buildings still have systems that cannot heat and cool simultaneously;
  • The transfer from one mode to the other is cumbersome and labour-intensive and requires a few weeks to complete across the campus.

Once the cooling system in your building is turned off, your work environment may feel warm, especially in mid-afternoon on a warm day. This situation will improve as outside temperatures become seasonal. Should you feel hot by midday, you can try to make your space more comfortable by closing your office blinds and avoiding using other sources of heat such as incandescent lighting. As this situation is only temporary, we ask that you kindly refrain from using window air-conditioning units at this time.

If you require any assistance or should you wish to discuss any situation of concern during this period, we invite you to contact the Facilities Call Centre (FCC 514-398-4555).

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