Our Services

Interior Spaces

Spaces: Classrooms, research labs, teaching labs, library space, office space, cafeterias/lounges, daycare areas, washrooms, parking garages

Examples of services: Cleaning, furniture, lighting, pest control, repairs, signage, space layout/decoration, waste collection

Exterior Spaces

Spaces: Campus green spaces, terraces, sidewalks, pathways, roads, parking lots, entrances, stairways, reduced-mobility ramps

Examples of services: Maintenance, snow removal, repairs, signage

Building Systems

Building systems: HVAC, electrical distribution, domestic water distribution, elevators/escalators/mechanical lifts, fire protection systems

Examples of services: Plumbing, electrical, maintenance, reports/studies, system upgrades

Health, Safety & Training

Research lab

Examples: Accidents, air quality, ergonomics, lab safety, locks, security, hazardous waste collection

Training: Offered by Campus Public Safety, Environmental Health and Safety, 
Hazardous Waste Management

Macdonald Engineering Building

Construction / Renovation

Visit our Construction & Renovation section for more info on current projects and the teams who plan and manage them. To submit a project request, fill out the Project Request form.

Convocation set-up

Events Support

Our Events Support team is responsible for the physical set-up of all major University events and works closely with the Events Booking office and timetable coordinators in the faculties.

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