Leave of Absence Policy (including Parental Leave)

CIHR and FRSQ currently offer up to six (6) months of paid parental leave, while NSERC, SSHRC, FQRNT and FQRSC currently offer up to four (4) months of paid parental leave to graduate and postdoctoral fellowship holders. In addition, students may be allowed an unpaid leave. An award must have already been activated (in certain cases for a minimum amount of time) in order to obtain a paid parental leave.

Research Grants

CIHR and NSERC offer paid parental leaves to graduate students and postdocs paid from their supervisor's research grant. For CIHR, the additional amount is added to the supervisor's research grant for a paid leave of up to six (6) months. For NSERC, the paid leave of up to four (4) months is administered through the Fellowships and Award section of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office.

McGill Leave of Absence Policy

McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Leave of absence and Vacation Policy can be found on their website. In order to obtain a paid or unpaid leave of absence, for parenting, illness or health-related family responsibilities under McGill's leave of absence policy, graduate students or postdocs must apply for a leave of absence at www.mcgill.ca/students/records/forms. All documents in support of the request must be remitted to our office who will then either recommend or not that the leave be granted. If recommended, the leave must be officially approved by Enrolment Services. It is important to note that the funded graduate student or postdoc must apply for the leave with the administrator of their fellowship or grant, in accordance with the appropriate award/grant holder's guide.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Division, or your award administrator, for further information.