Mark Basik


Mark Basik 

Title:  Associate Professor

Area of Research: Oncology and Genomics

Contact Information:

mbasik [at] (Email)

Tel: 514-340-8248

Recent Publications:

Publications indexed on PubMed

Summary of Work:

My laboratory has expertise in the genomics (DNA microarray technology) of breast and colon cancer. Our major effort is in the identification of novel therapeutic targets in breast and colon cancer using combined array comparative genomic hybridization and gene expression profiling of breast and colon cancer cell lines as well as frozen tumors. Functional validation using RNA interference-mediated gene knockdown as well as clinical validation using tissue microarrays will allow selection of candidate target genes. A specific area of interest is identification of targets of anticancer drug resistance (e.g. herceptin resistance in breast cancer). Another aspect of our work is the discovery of novel diagnostic biomarkers in the above cancers using microarray technology. Serum biomarkers of metastatic disease are being studied in particular.  





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