Lawrence Rosenberg

Lawrence Rosenberg

Title: Professor, Department of Surgery

Area of Research: Cell Biology and Pancreas

Contact Information:

Lawrence.Rosenberg [at] (Email)

Tel: 514-340-8222

Recent Publications:


Clinical Interests:

  • cell biology of the pancreas, with a focus is on diabetes mellitus

Research Interests:

  • induction of islet cell neogenesis using differentiation factors, e.g. INGAP peptide
  • identification and characterization of adult pancreatic stem cells
  • nuclear reprogramming, transdifferentiation and cell plasticity
  • islet cell apoptosis
  • islet cell transplantation

We are interested in structure-function relationships and our studies seek to correlate in-vitro and in-vivo morphological and functional observations with signal transduction and transcriptional events.




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