Julio Faria

Julio Faria

Title:  Assistant Professor

Area of Research: Molecular Biology of Colon Cancer

Contact Information:

julio.faria [at] mcgill.ca (Email)

Tel: 514-340-82222, ext. 4948

Recent Publications:

  1. Kleiman A, Al-Khamis A, Farsi A, Kezouh A, Vuong T, Gordon PH, Vasilevsky CA, Morin N, Faria J, Ghitulescu G, Boutros M. Normalization of CEA Levels Post-Neoadjuvant Therapy is a Strong Predictor of Pathologic Complete Response in Rectal Cancer. J Gastrointest Surg. 2015 Jun;19(6):1106-12.
  2. Melich G, Jeong DH, Hur H, Baik SH, Faria J, Kim NK, Min BS. Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with complete mesocolic excision provides acceptable perioperative outcomes but is lengthy--analysis of learning curves for a novice minimally invasive surgeon. Can J Surg. 2014 Oct;57(5):331-6.

Summary of Work:

  1. Molecular biology of colon cancer: Use of molecular markers in the diagnosis and prognosis of colon cancer.
  2. Value of anorectal physiologic testing in the diagnosis and treatment of fecal incontinence.





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