Jean Tchervenkov

Jean Tchervenkov 

Jean Tchervenkov


Professor, Department of Surgery, McGill University

Area of Research: Infection and Immunity



Tel: 514-934-1934, ext. 34042

Recent Publications:

Publications indexed on PubMed

Clinical Interests:

  • immunosuppression of Hepatitis B & C in liver
  • kidney expanded criteria donors
  • immunosuppression of kidney transplantation.

Research Interests:

  • the role of donor specific transfusion in tolerance induction in vascularized solid organ transplantation
  • donor cell trafficking following donor-specific transfusion
  • the role of the thymus in allograft tolerance
  • the effect of intraportal vein donor-specific transfusion on small bowel and other vascularized allograft survival
  • the role of T&B cells in Allo & Xeno rejection



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