Jean Martin Laberge


Jean-Martin Laberge

Title: Assistant Professor

Area of Research: Fetal Surgery / CHD

Contact Information:

jean-martin.laberge [at] (Email)

Tel: 514-412-4497

Recent Publications:


Summary of Work:

Over the past several years, our laboratory has been involved in the prenatal treatment of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) in the fetal lamb model. We have examined the effects of tracheal occlusion (TO) as a means of reversing the pulmonary hypoplasia associated with CDH. We have developed a minimally invasive technique to occlude the fetal trachea by means of an endoscopically placed detachable balloon.

We have done structural lung studies such as morphometry, DNA and protein measurements, in-situ hybridization and electron microscopy. We have also done functional lung studies by resuscitating the newborn lambs for up to 8 hours and performing surfactant studies and pulmonary function tests. More recent projects used the rabbit and rodent model to develop CDH and TO to look at growth factors involved.  Still another project examined bronchial branching in CDH with and without TO.   





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