Gerald Fried

Gerald Fried 

Title:  Professor

Area of Research: Minimally Invasive Surgery-Education-Simulation

Contact Information:

gerald.fried [at] (Email)

Tel: 514-934-8044

Recent Publications:


Summary of Work:

Skills acquisition in surgery: Using physical, virtual reality and hybrid systems we are investigating acquisition of technical skills in laparoscopic and flexible endoscopic procedures. Our specific interests are in developing a reliable methodology to evaluate technical performance, using a variety of simulators, and in validating these metrics. We are using data generated by these simulators to characterize the learning curve and the process of acquiring mastery in technical skills required to perform surgical procedures. Using established psychological testing methods, we are evaluating innate abilities, especially those related to visuo-spatial perception, and assessing their role in predicting the rate of learning and learning potential for an individual. We are also investigating objective means to measure surgical performance in the operating room, to better appreciate the impact of simulator training on clinical performance.





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