Thesis Submission Deadlines

Please take note of the Thesis Submission Deadlines. 

For more information regarding Initial Thesis Submission, Final Thesis Submission or the Oral Defence please refer to the GPS Site, which gives detailed instructions regarding these procedures. 

Initial Submission Final Submission Additional Session Thesis Evaluation Graduation
Apr 16 – Aug 15 Aug 16 – Dec 15 Summer Fall February
Aug 16 – Dec 15 Dec 16 – Apr 15 Fall Winter June
Dec 16 – Apr 15 Apr 16 – Aug 15 Winter Summer October

Initial and Final Submission in the Same Term 

Apr 16 – Aug 15 Apr 16 – Aug 15 Summer None October
Aug 16 – Dec 15 Aug 16 – Dec 15 Fall None February
Dec 16 – Apr 15 Dec 16 – Apr 15 Winter None June

Please note in order to submit your Initial Thesis that the required documents must be signed by the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Fackson Mwale. To procure the signature please send an email to the [at] (Graduate Program Coordinator).

Effective November 1, 2018, all Master's Thesis Submissions to the GPS Thesis Office will require a PDF copy of the student's myProgress Worksheet.  This Worksheet will accompany the Master's Thesis Nomination of Examiner's Form and a PDF copy of the thesis for all students admitted after Fall 2017 and onward. 

PhD Students will only receive the forms for the Oral Defence once the Initial Thesis has been submitted and the Thesis Office has sent out the thesis to the Examiners. Please note that we require the Oral Defence form to be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator at least 8 weeks prior to the scheduled date of the Oral Defence.  This will allow us to meet the deadline of the GPS office which requires a 4 week minimum notice of the Oral Defence date. If these deadlines are not met, your defence could be postponed.

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