SEMESTER 1 Progress Tracking - Part 2

Knowledge and basic principles (15%) - Part 2 - EXSU 622

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Student must write a 2-3-page proposal demonstrating understanding of the purpose of the project, the techniques being used and what they mean. Depending on the topic area this may include various knowledge elements of the review (must come up with the headings for each part): Prior work; Purpose; Mechanism; Limitations; Principles; Significance; Essential literature; Alternatives; SWOT Analysis, etc.

Assess the following criteria and thus determine what the student lacks in terms of knowledge or basic principles that are essential to perform the project.

Grade - 5 Points
Knowledge of the research problem, what is known in the area and gaps in knowledge
Understanding the rationale and aim(s) of the project and how their project may contribute, is applicable, to a larger project
Understanding the methods required to conduct research project

Please fill the form and upload the proposal on Online myProgress McGill tracking by October 21st.

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