Surgical Education

Experimental Surgery, concentration in Surgical Education, offers graduate level training program in Experimental Surgery, leading to a Master's degree. Through course work, the candidate will be exposed to general education theory as well as the theory and practice of learning and teaching in the Healthcare Professions. The candidate will also participate actively in the educational activities of the Centre for Medical Education, the multimedia Dekyuper Centre, and the Simulation Centre. A major research project focused on a domain within surgical education is the subject matter for the thesis component of the Concentration. A project supervisor and an appropriate project for the thesis must be selected at the time of application.

See Master of Science (M.Sc.) Experimental Surgery (Thesis): Surgical Education
Full Program Description on McGill eCalendar. 
Note that EXSU 603 - Surgical Education Foundations is a complementary required course.  

Admission Requirements

Generally a Biological, Biomedical & Life Science, Physical, Computer Science, a M.D. degree, a B.Eng. is required. Exceptionally on a case by case basis, an applicant holding a B.Com., or B.C.L, LL.B. BA or BSc in Humanities & social sciences will be considered. An applicant must have a minimum CGPA of 3.2/4.0. Applications will be accepted from candidates sponsored by a research supervisor willing to provide laboratory space and direction for their research work

See also How to apply & Application Deadlines

Note of these additional requirements for this concentration:

  • Letter of Intent: A letter of intent from the student describing their reasons for pursuing the concentration of their choice, what their qualifications are and why they should be chosen to be accepted.
  • Interview session: Students applying to the concentrations in Education or Innovation may be requested to attend an interview session either in person, by phone or via Skype.

Education is a fundamental responsibility of all members of the McGill Department of Surgery. We are committed to attracting the best and the brightest students into a surgical career, and educating undergraduate and graduate physicians and surgeons to the highest level.  This concentration has been specifically designed for the Healthcare Professional to gain knowledge and expertise in the field of Surgical Education. 


Please contact any of the following supervisors to discuss potential thesis material and a research project:

  • liane.feldman [at] (Dr. Liane Feldman)
  • gerald.fried [at] (Dr. Gerald Fried)
  • kevin.lachapelle [at] (Dr. Kevin Lachapelle)
  • melina.vassiliou [at] (Dr. Melina Vassiliou)
  • simon.bergman [at] (Dr. Simon Bergman)
  • yvonne.steinert [at] (Dr. Yvonne Steinert)
  • linda.snell [at] (Dr. Linda Snell)
  • carmen.mueller [at] (Dr. Carmen Mueller)
  • mirko.gilardino [at] (Dr. Mirko Gilardino)
  • david.fleiszer [at] (Dr. David Fleiszer)
  • rolando.delmaestro [at] (Dr. Rolando Del Maestro)
  • sero.andonian [at] (Dr. Sero Andonian)
  • sebastian.demyttenaere [at] (Dr. Sebastian Vincent Demyttenaere)
  • Dr. Jason M. Harley
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