Julio Fiore Jr.

Julio Fiore Jr.
Contact Information
Email address: 
julio.fiorejunior [at] mcgill.ca
Hospital title: 
Assistant Professor (Research), Department of Surgery
Co-director, Surgical Scientist Program, Department of Surgery
Cluster leader (Recovery), Injury, Repair and Recovery Program, Department of Surgery
General Surgery
Areas of interest: 

My research program focus on: (1) developing and investigating novel and creative interventions to improve postoperative recovery and increase the value of surgery. This includes reorganization of perioperative care into pathways, novel surgical techniques, new pharmacological therapies, pre- and post-operative exercise interventions, (2) creating innovative measurement strategies to value the process of postoperative recovery through patient-reported (e.g. self-report questionnaires), clinician-reported (e.g. readiness for hospital discharge) and performance-based (e.g. functional exercise tests) outcomes.

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